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Obtaining a driver's license is a big step for anyone. For new teen drivers, it is one of the first major milestones as they transition into adulthood. Learning to be a confident and defensive driver is an important life skill. Parents of new drivers need to feel comfortable that their child is well prepared to become a responsible member of the driving population. 

Consider the facts:

Teen drivers are 20 times more likely to be involved in a crash 
than adult drivers

33% of all first-year drivers are involved in a crash

Most crashes are caused by driver error

Nevada Driving Schools utilizes the American Automobile Association (AAA) License to Learn and How to Drive curriculum. This curriculum teaches teens and adult drivers through video, real-life examples, and interactive activities.






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If none of our classroom dates work for you and you would rather take the course from the comfort of your home, the Nevada DMV State-approved course is available online as well.

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