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DUI Course

DUI Scheduled Classes:

Location: 2235 Renaissance Drive Suite E (Tropicana & Eastern)


Thursday - June 13th - 5:00pm - Session 1

Friday - June 14th - 5:00pm - Session 2

Saturday - June 15th - 9:00am - Session 1

Saturday - June 22nd - 8:00 am - Session 1

Monday - June 24th - 8:00 am - Session 1

Saturday - July 6th - 8:00 am -  Session 1

Monday  -  July 15th - 8:00 am - Session 1





8 hours (2 - 4 hour Sessions 1 & 2 -Separate days)   ALL OUT-OF-STATE MAY ATTEND!

$170.00 (cash) $180.00 (credit card)

Please bring picture ID and court/case number documents

If these dates do not work with your schedule, let us know, we can create classes to meet your schedule.

VIP Classes:


Thursday- June 6- 5:00 pm

Thursday - June 13 -4:00 pm 

Monday - June 17 - 11:00 am 


$40.00 Cash  1 Hour

If these dates do not work with your schedule, let us know, we can create classes to meet your schedule with our Speakers.

DUI Classroom Course  »  $170

Courses offered

Day, Night, or weekends  - We work around your schedule

DUI Class  $170 (Cash) $180 (Credit Card)

VIP (Victim Impact Panel) $40.00

DUI 8 hour Classroom Course - 8 hours will be divided into two 4 hour sessions, as required, by DMV Nevada Administrative Code 483.767.

This course will discuss and review:

  • Problems
  • Laws and penalties
  • Responsibilities and procedures of law enforcement agencies
  • Adverse effects to your body
  • Adverse effects on the ability to drive
  • Adverse effects to your employment opportunities
  • Adverse effects to your personal life if you choose to continue driving under the influence of alcohol or controlled substances
  •  Discussion and information on the types of treatment available

This course meets the education requirements of Nevada Department of Motor Vehicle.

Nevada Driving Schools' DMV License#: DUI000043866

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Online DUI Course  $150

If none of our classroom dates work for you and you would rather take this course from the comfort of your home, our Nevada DMV State-approved course is available online, as well.

Nevada Driving Schools' DMV License#: DUI000043866

Learn more about the Nevada Approved 8 Hour Online DUI and Controlled Substances Course.

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