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Nevada Driving FAQs

How much will it cost?

The price of driver's education varies by services needed. Please click on the program tab above for the program of interest - detailed descriptions of services and prices will appear.  If you do not see the program of interest, please call us for assistance.

What happens if I miss a class or I am late?

If you missed a class session or if you are late to class or from break?  All missed class sessions must be made up by the next available session. If you are late, you must stay over after the class session to make up your time on materials and information missed.  All missed time must be made up.

Am I guaranteed to get my license?

As much as we would like to guarantee you, that you will get your license, we can't.  We will provide all the information/experiences needed to pass written and driving tests. But it is ultimately up to the student.

How do I pay for the course?

Currently, accept cash, cashier's check (no personal checks),  money order or credit card.  Payments may also be made online.

When are the fees due?

All fees should be paid by the first day of class or start of behind- the- wheel sessions. 

Is the school licensed?

Yes. Our school is licensed by the Nevada DMV for the following programs:

  1. Teen and Adult Driver Education (Classroom or on-line)
  2. DUI Course (Classroom or on-line)
  3. Traffic Safety (Classroom or on-line)
  4. Behind-the-Wheel instruction

We offer other prep-course programs to assist you in obtaining your instruction permit/driver license

What is your refund policy?

Please contact the office manager to determine if you qualify for a refund of your program fees.

Which course should I choose if I am under 18 years of age?

If you are under 18, it is mandatory by DMV for you to take the 30 hour driver education or the 15 hour driver education and 5 hour behind-the-wheel (15/5) or On-line course; Log 50 hours of driving (40 hours during the day and 10 hours of night driving on the DLD 130 form; obtain and hold the Permit for 6 month and your approved Certificate of Attendance before taking your DMV Drive Test to obtain your license or driver authorization card (DAC);   However, it is highly recommended for all teens, especially, if you have no driving experience that you take the 30 hour driver education and 10 hour behind-the-wheel program (30/10) which is the most comprehensive instruction package we offer.

In addition, if you just need some assistance in passing the DMV written (knowledge) test - we offer prep-courses in English and Spanish.  Please call to schedule.


Are your instructors licensed/certified?

Yes. All of our instructors are licensed by the Nevada Department of Motor Vehicles and cerified by American Automobile Association (AAA) License to Learn and How to Drive programs.

What do I need to get my instruction permit?

  1. You must be at least 15.5 years old

  2. Complete Driver's License application

  3. Pass a vision test

  4. Pass a knowledge test 80 %

  5. A parent/guardian available to authorize issuance

  6. Must hold instruction permit for 6 months prior to applying for your  driver license

  7.  Certificate of Attendance from your School

What do I need to do to get my license or driver authorization card?

  1. Must be at least 16 years of age

  2. A parent/guardian must co-sign application

  3. Sign an affidavit

  4. Present a driver's 30 hour education certificate of completion

  5. Present a 50 hour drive log, 10 of which need to be night driving

  6. Minor must remain free of traffic crashes, moving violations and alcohol/drug conviction for 6 months prior to obtaining a driver's license

  7. Certificate of Attendance from School

  8. Pass driving test with 80%

Do you have any safety equipment in your school driving cars?

Yes.  Our cars are equipped with passenger side instructor brake systems.  Our instructors are trained to correct often and early- by breaking and steering wheel corrections. The student is probably safer in our car, than, they are in yours.

How do I sign up for a behind-the-wheel Session?

You must login to this web site with your username and password. If you do not have a username and password, please register.   Click on the "Drivers Ed" tab select your program to schedule your BTW session or you may register. You will be able to sign up for any available spots with any available instructor.

Do I need insurance to receive behind- the -wheel instruction?

No.  Nevada Driving Schools are fully insured and bonded.

Do I need my instruction permit to take behind- the- wheel courses?

Yes.  It is illegal in the State of Nevada to drive without a instruction permt or  driver license on your person.  Do not worry, you can enroll into any of our Driver Education  or prep courses to prepare you to take the DMV written/knowledge test to obtain your instruction permit.

Do my behind- the- wheel sessions count towards my 50 hours?

Yes.  Any behind-the-wheel insturction taken with our driving instructors can be logged onto your DMV Beginning Driver Experience Log (DLD 130).

What can a student expect to learn in class?

Nevada Driving Schools offers high quality programs- from the basic prep course to behind-the-wheel, beginning to the end of a quality safe driving experience. Our programs will provide you with a better understanding of why it is very important to Be A Safe Driver in Nevada.

One of the most comprehensive program we offer is our 30 hours driver education program and 10 hours behind-the-wheel (30/10). This program provides the driving knowledge and experience necessary by starting at the basics from the operation and maintenance of the vehicle. The program moves forward to of the handling of the vehicle in bad weather conditions, traffic crashes, to securing the vehicle, and even insurance coverage.  We cover the majority of topics, necessary in safe driving. 


The in car experience will give you the Core Basics of proper Scanning and Looking, Defensive Drive Techniques, Practical REAL-TIME driving application in various situations in Real Time.  We instruct in a life skill of safe driving, not just simply passing an official DMV Road Test! 


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